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IP Telephony

Assistance with new or existing installations of Voice over IP phone systems. Whether they are premise based or in the cloud we can help you solve your problems. We offer additional applications for voice recording, call detail records, electronic faxing and management of your current Voice over IP telephone system..

Desktop Support

PC assistance for new and existing setups. Utilizing our easy to deploy methodologies we can quickly support, secure and redeploy new devices remotely. If needed we can be onsite. We are watching and available 24x7 for your support needs..


We deliver enterprise level pre-installed Hardware and Software solutions for our customers. Payments can be spread out over time into a monthly expense which reduces Total Cost of Ownership and Capital Expenditures. You can add or subtract services as needed which creates a pay-as-you-go solution. We keep an eye on availability and proactively watch for trends that may cause a disruption in service..

Server Management

Mail, applications, web, SharePoint, Linux we can get your business system running optimally either at your place, ours, or the cloud. We will fine tune the operations and support it in real-time.


A single device to hundreds of devices. Whether they are phones, WAPs, RF, cameras or tablets, we connect them to your infrastructure easily, safely and securely. Our standards based off the shelf solutions provide a quick deployment with long term growth and support..


Across all geographies from your office, home or branch we help you get your data where it is needed. Our Carrier relationships allow us to provide you Voice, Data, Wireless, Copper, Fiber or Broadband to any location We partner with ATT, Verizon, Sprint, Windstream, Comcast, Charter, CenturyTel, Time Warner, Cox and many others. This allows network diversity and cost efficiency..


IP Based wired or wireless network video surveillance products for live and digitally recorded solutions. No proprietary hardware and software all open based systems to use with off the shelf hardware. Scalable from 1 camera to hundreds. Our wide portfolio of IP video products can scale for any environment or network..

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Anything you can do to prevent outages is part of your Disaster Recovery plan. Business Continuity is the processes and procedures we put into place for you so essential business functions can continue during or after a disaster.We work to minimize exposure and provide redundancy to keep your employees working as close to normal as possible. We can make application, services and work space available for when your really need it. We build redundancy into your business system and ensure it is available when you need it most..

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