We Can Help With ...

IP Telephony

As one of the few MSP’s in the region providing this service, we’re on the leading edge of Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems’ technology.  Whether new or existing, premise- or cloud-based, we provide the design, installation and management expertise necessary to deliver the world-class, reliable VoIP communications solutions that you need to separate from your competition.  And we’re comfortable going ‘old-school’, supporting traditional applications like voice recording, call detail records, faxing, hunt groups and call center applications.  We can integrate with your current system as well as cost-effectively migrate you to a complete VoIP solution, with zero downtime.

Server Management

We provide a comprehensive solution for managing physical and virtual Servers across a broad array of platforms.  We provision, control, monitor, maintain, update and generally keep an eye on your Servers.  We ensure that every hardware and software run at their optimal capabilities while tracking metrics and parameters that may affect your servers performing at full capacity.  We are available 24/7 to help - and can provide onsite support, if necessary.


We pride ourselves on being able to connect any device to any network at any time.  We deliver enterprise-level pre-installed Hardware and Software solutions so you don’t have to.  We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ nor do we believe in replacing the assets we design and implement just because.  Rather, our approach allows you the flexibility to add or remove services as needed through stackable and scalable solutions to maximize your productivity while minimizing your costs.  We proactively monitor your network to stop problems before they occur and provide dependable, 24/7 support when – and where – you need it.  We can also deliver your infrastructure by replacing or coexisting with what you have for a monthly fee.  This allows you to affordably budget your IT costs rather than incur a capital expenditure.


In today’s always-on, information-driven environment, you depend on being able to access your network anytime, anywhere.  From one to hundreds of devices – whether phones, WAPs, RF, cameras or tablets – we connect them to your infrastructure safe, sound and secure.  And we make sure they stay connected with standards-based, off-the-shelf solutions which provide quick deployment with long-term growth potential.


From wherever you are to wherever you’re going and back, we make sure your data is delivered when (and where) it’s needed.  Our relationships with diverse carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Windstream, Comcast, Charter, CenturyTel, Time Warner, Cox, etc.) allows us the flexibility to provide you Voice, Data and Wireless over Copper, Fiber, Broadband or Air to any location.  It’s what we call a ‘custom fit’ to fit your budget.


Smile…you’re on Candid Camera.  Not quite…but we can provide state-of-the-art, IP-based wired or wireless network video surveillance products for live and digitally recorded solutions.  With your budget in mind, we source open-based hardware and software systems together with off-the-shelf hardware.  Our wide variety of IP video products work in any environment with any network and are scalable from one to hundreds of cameras.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Business Continuity (BC) and IT Disaster Recovery (IT DR) services are often confused.  IT Disaster Recovery is a subset of an overall Business Continuity Plan – but a critical part of your IT Plan.  A good IT DR Plan is NOT just an IT Plan – it’s a Business Plan that has a significant IT component.  And like any effective Business Plan, it begins and ends with your customers in mind.  IP Symphony has developed a proven methodology that delivers successful IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions which mitigate downtime, diminish data loss and maximize productivity following an incident.  Let our Team work with you to design cost-effective IT Disaster Recovery and/or Business Continuity Plans that ensure that your business will always be open for business.

Desktop Support

Technical assistance for new and existing systems.  Desktops with e-mail, Applications, Web, Office 365, SharePoint, Server detail – we can optimize your business systems at your place, our place or the Cloud.  Utilizing our easy-to-deploy methodologies, we will fine-tune your operations and can efficiently support, secure and redeploy new devices remotely, in real-time.  We keep an eye on your systems and are available 24/7 to help – and can provide onsite support, if necessary.  Let us build you an IT architecture that allows any data, from any device, at any time with serious cost efficiency.

Clients Are Saying...

Established in 1962, this leader in the wholesale distribution of sheet and coil steel, prefabricated duct & fittings, has experienced rapid growth in the past 13 years, expanding its footprint to 9 Midwest states.  As the company has grown, so has its IT needs.  IP Symphony has consistently delivered excellent end-to-end technology and support in a challenging, competitive environment.                                  “What clearly sets us apart is our ability to anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver our products in a timely, cost-efficient manner with superior customer service.  When you expand as rapidly as we have, you need the infrastructure in place to support this growth – without adding layers of people and costs.  IP Symphony has been a valued partner for 16 years, anticipating our IT needs and providing complete support.  They are our IT Department – bringing great value and allowing us to grow profitably.”  President

Since 1969, this firm has built a reputation as one of the leading specialists in the design, installation and servicing of mission-critical fire suppression sprinkler systems in the state of Missouri.  As with many small companies, they prefer to allocate precious resources to growing their business rather than committing to a full-time IT department.  This is where IP Symphony provides cost-effective, Managed IT services to ensure this company stays connected at all times with clients who count on them to* provide round-the-clock protection.  “We consider IP Symphony to be one of our most trusted and valuable partners.  They provide critical IT support and services in a very cost-effective manner.”  President

By striving to provide unheard-of, over-the-top service and TOTAL solutions to their clients’ projects, this marketing firm has transitioned in the past 50 years from a commercial printer and graphics company to a world-class, holistic marketing solutions provider that focuses on executing marketing plans and delivering a seamless brand experience.  This firm required constant connectivity to their network; IPS delivered (and maintains) a best-in-class Networking solution that allows them 24/7 access to their network from any device, at anytime, anywhere.  In addition, because this firm’s business requires significant warehousing, distribution and fulfillment of valuable merchandise, they required significant video surveillance; IPS delivered a state-of-the-art video network that allows for live and digitally recorded surveillance of these critical business processes.  “We’re a partner, not a vendor…a service-oriented company, not a job-shop.  So, when we needed a company to provide Networking and video surveillance solutions – and do it cost-effectively – we found IPS.  They mirror us by providing over-the-top service with a can-do attitude – and we look forward to continuing this partnership well into the future.”  President

As one of the 5 largest pharmaceutical packaging companies in the U.S., this firm has experienced enormous growth in the past few years.  Operating in an ‘always on’, constantly changing environment, they rely on IP Symphony as their de-facto IT Department.  IPS works hand-in-glove with this company, providing total 24/7 IT support to ensure they exceed their customers’ expectations.         “I’m constantly amazed by not only the extraordinary level of service IPS provides, but also by their expertise, creative thinking and problem-solving.  They truly are a partner in every sense of the word – a valued resource that has allowed us achieve significant, profitable growth.”  Director of Security, Safety and DEA Compliance

This full-service guttering company has grown into one of the largest, full-service guttering companies in Metro St. Louis.  This client has embraced IP Symphony’s approach to providing full-service IT support: fast, lean, nimble and cost-effective.  This ensures that the company can continue providing extraordinary guttering products and services.     “While we may not be IP Symphony’s biggest client, you would never know that by the way they proactively service our needs.  I can’t say enough good things about our positive experience over the past 12 years with IPS – as a valued partner, their support has been instrumental in our growth.”  President

Recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Small Businesses in the USA, this temporary employee staffing firm prides itself on providing the right people at the right time to meet their clients’ constantly changing needs.  IP Symphony provides best-in-class Networking along with 24/7 monitoring to proactively identify and stop problems before they occur.  As a bonus, IPS has installed a complete video surveillance system for all of their offices.                                             “When we were looking for a Network Solutions provider, it was very important to us that the company we selected have similar core values, be client-centric and have the ability to grow with us – plus be able to deliver a Networking solution.  We’re happy to say that IP Symphony has exceeded our expectations on all accounts and has become a partner we value as much as the partnerships we have with our clients.”  Co-Founder/Co-President